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2018 Series 18 (23 Posts)
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July 22, 2019 10:42PM
2018 Series 18
Greg Tamer - July 22, 2019 10:42PM
TRHL owners,

Series 17 has been completed.

DEADLINE NOTE - I'm on vacation all of next week, and last year I had someone file drone for me in LBBL, and I still was on my phnoe trying to help the file drone along. So let's just skip a week, and I'll then be good the rest of the season. So note the extended deadlines below.

REMINDER - HawksRocks are ownerless, you can play all six games against them. Same with Mudhens since I think Mueller has disappeared, perhaps for good.

Reports on website have NOT been updated. Does any one need them updated?

1st half results not submitted:

2nd half results not submitted:
Outlaws @ Mudhens (*)
Rotisserie @ HawkRocks (*,***)
Diamond Jaxx @ Marauders

(*) - Backup results submitted
(**) - Notified in advance
(***) - Ownerless team

Permanently farmed due to overuse:
1. Wagstaffs - Jorge Soler, Quinn promoted.
2. McCallions - Lourdes Gurriel, Peraza promoted.
3. Diamond Jaxx - Garrett Hampson, Goodrum activated from DL.
4. Heroes - Chris Devenski, May promoted.
5. Clowns - J.T. Chargois, Cishek promoted.
6. McCallions - Dereck Rodriguez, Schebler activated from DL.
7. HawkRocks - Andrew Miller and Kevin Herrera, Wisler and Urena promoted.
8. Marauders - Jaime Schultz, Minter promoted.
9. Chinook - Freddy Peralta, Mahle promoted.

Any promotions by the file drone can be changed prior to the playing of the current series' games, and the re-farming does not count toward the three farm limit. File drone promotes players to keep active roster at mandatory 25 players.

1. Chinook trade Orlando Arcia, Carson Kelly, and Chistin Stewart to the Anunnaki for Rowdy Tellez and Kyle Freeland. Anunnaki release Jordy Mercer.
2. Chinook trade Liam Hendriks, Yandy Diaz, Tyler Mahle, and Freddy Peralta to the FireDogs for Gerrit Cole and Vidal Nuno. Chinook release Framber Valdez. FireDogs release Michael Taylor and Sean Rodriguez.
3. Being Don Mattingly sign Michael Hermosillo, Mike Freeman, and Austin Brice, release Jeff Hoffman, Mark Melancon, and Bradley Zimmer.
4. Anunnaki sign Jarlin Garcia and release Ryan O'Hearn.

Injuries (> 3 days):
7/18 ROC Carrasco 11
7/19 TCI Dyson,J 18
7/20 ROC Yelich 15
7/22 ALS Dickerson 5
7/22 MPH Abreu 15
7/22 WDJ DeJong 15
7/24 BUR Leake 11

MP Issues: None.

MPs ready for Series 18: Anunnaki, Pale Hose, Rogers, Clowns, Breakers, Mudhens (for all six), HawkRocks (for all six)

Series 18 league file is attached and has been posted, and the League File link on the website has been updated. Here's the link:

Games Dates: July 25th - July 31st. Rogers, Whitecaps, and Breakers are away 1st half.

1st half deadline is Monday, July 29th, 10 PM EDT. 2nd half results are due Monday, August 5th, 10 PM EDT.
18-Hawkrocks vs Firedogs
SteveP - July 23, 2019 12:48PM
Series split
Attachments: 18-Hawkrocks vs (37.4 KB)  
UCity MP
MikeCradock - July 23, 2019 04:08PM
Please use this file so that I can field lineups with 9 guys in them. Thanks.
Attachments: UCity MP week (900 bytes)  
Chinook MP
pdolwick - July 24, 2019 02:01PM
Go Chinook
Attachments: (964 bytes)  
arthur gandolfi - July 24, 2019 04:34PM
Home team drops the first, then takes the next two. When Ohtani starts, please insert him in the lineup for the DH. Thanks and good luck!
Attachments: Alston-BDM (19.1 KB)  
Re: 2018 Series 18
PhilAustin - July 26, 2019 12:42AM
Canons sweep home leg
Attachments: (18.1 KB)  
Jaxx - Mudhens split 6
snoland7711 - July 26, 2019 11:58AM
Jaxx and Mudhens split 6
Attachments: Jaxx - Mudhens (36.2 KB)  
Re: 2018 Series 18
Michael Phillips - July 26, 2019 01:50PM
BDM visiting Alston.

BDM take game one 6-3. Alston follows with 6-3 and 9-5 wins
Attachments: (36.5 KB)  
Halifax Whitecaps MP
craigburley - July 27, 2019 07:43AM
Whitecaps MP for the NRIs series. Fillmyer, Elias, Mikolas.
Attachments: (1023 bytes)  
charles - July 27, 2019 09:12AM
first three
Attachments: (20.3 KB)  
Higgle UCity - Week 18
MikeCradock - July 27, 2019 06:38PM
Anunnaki take 2 of 3. No injuries. UCA MP ready to go for next series.
Attachments: Heroes - Annunnaki week (36.9 KB)  
Re: 2018 Series 18
Buddha - July 28, 2019 06:48AM
topes take 2 of 3
Attachments: topes (17.9 KB)  
Results of Halifax @ Portland
bbackup - July 28, 2019 08:35AM
Portland takes 2 of 3.

For Portland @ Halifax please use LHP Neutral lineup vs lefties and RHP hurt LHB lineup vs Filmyer.
Attachments: (19.3 KB)  
Bill Liming - July 28, 2019 09:57AM
Starters should be Verlander, Godley, Anderson

Pitcher bats 8th in all lineups, so swap with the #8 hitter before each game.
Attachments: (19.3 KB)  
Verlander w/ the no-no!
pdolwick - July 28, 2019 05:48PM
G1: Verlander goes 9 w/ 12Ks and no-hits. Dominating. FOR 3-0.
G2: Outlaws rough up Freeland, but Carpenter go-ahead HR in 6th. TBC 6-4.
G3: Nola allowed 3 of the first 4 to reach, but cruised from there for his 15th W. TBC 5-0.
Attachments: (35.6 KB)  
Re: Verlander w/ the no-no!
Bill Liming - July 28, 2019 06:03PM
Damn, it's been forever since I've seen a no-no in game, and just missed one with Shoemaker in the front half of the series.
Re: 2018 Series 18
HuxleyWagstaffs - July 29, 2019 07:49AM
Marauders sweep
Attachments: (19.6 KB)  
Halifax take two from Portland
craigburley - July 29, 2019 08:56PM
Halifax take two in the return leg from Portland for a split.
Attachments: (37.2 KB)  
Isotopes @ Rogers
Ray DiPerna - August 04, 2019 07:05PM
Rogers salvage the last game by throwing out Pujols at the plate on a wouldn't-be sac fly to Harper.

Rogers' MP is ready to go. Go ahead and make reasonable lineup/roster decisions if needed.
Attachments: (34.4 KB)  
Re: 2018 Series 18
Pirates - August 05, 2019 08:25AM
Canons take 5.
Attachments: (34.8 KB)  
Trade deadline?
craigburley - August 05, 2019 08:45AM
Is the trade deadline after this series or the next?
Re: Trade deadline?
arthur gandolfi - August 05, 2019 09:56AM
The Constitution says no trades from Aug. 1 through the World Series.

Does this period end 7/31, or 8/1?
Re: 2018 Series 18
French Terriers - August 05, 2019 12:44PM
Breakers take 4 of 6.
Attachments: Brockton at (35.8 KB)  
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